Dozens of detailed tasks, document deliveries, deadlines,

inspections and mortgage details have to occur between

contract ratification and settlement. It’s my job to keep

your transaction organized and moving forward to a

successful conclusion.


  • Title.  I work closely with the title company and

       attorneys to ensure that all documents and deli-

       veries are processed in a timely manner.


  • Inspections, Survey, and Appraisal.  I’ll coordinate access to your property for inspectors and the appraiser, and ensure timely delivery of reports, notices, and any other required documentation.  Surveyors usually don't make an appointment to do their work, but if it's a proper boundary survey (more typical for rural areas), I'll work coordinate with them as well.


  • Repair Negotiations and Deadlines.  Should you agree to make certain home repairs, there will be associated deadlines as well as possible requirements for re-inspection, delivery of receipts, and other documents. It will be important to know which items (if any) require a licensed contractor, and to ensure that the license is for the proper jurisdiction. 


  • Financing.  Poor oversight of the financing process is an important contributor to delayed closings.  Although the buyer, not the seller, is the client of the lender, I feel it's important, as a seller's agent, to closely monitor the progress of the loan.  I introduce myself to the lender before the contract has even been ratified, and I keep in regular contact with both the lender and the buyer’s agent regarding loan progress.  While issues sometimes do arise, I work very hard to keep them from impacting the transaction.