Price negotiations are only the beginning of the home-

sale process. Once a contract is in place, there are

documents, disclosures and inspections to complete,

any of which could result in further negotiations or even

kill the deal.


Property inspections frequently result in buyer requests

for seller repairs.  Whether you’re prepared for these

repair items or whether they come as a surprise, I'll

help you negotiate and resolve those issues.  Keep in 

mind that repair disputes are the most frequent reason for contract failures.


I’ll work with you to help avoid “surprises” related to condition and repair.  However, even brand new homes will generate a list of requested repairs, so it's useful to keep a sense of perspective.  Together we'll review any repair requests and seek a balanced response.


Time deadlines are important not only for the inspections themselves but also for the submission of inspection reports and for communications between sellers and buyers.  This is an important component of my responsibilities to my seller clients.  I'm a big believer in checklists so that negotiations don’t fall apart over missed deadlines.


Unless you have multiple offers, a single buyer in the hand is a valuable asset. I’ve also found that treating the other party with respect (even if it’s hard!) sets a positive tone and increases your chances of a successful transaction.