Markets are constantly changing, and it’s my job to monitor these changes and keep

my seller clients informed as to how these changes might impact the sale of their

home.  Is the pace of the market quickening, is it stable or is it slowing down?  Have

there been multiple offers for competing properties? How might these market

changes affect your property, and if it’s selling more slowly than other properties,

what actions should we take, if any?


I’ll review the competition on a regular basis to identify how many properties re-

cently went under contract, how many were withdrawn from the market, and how

many new ones came on the market.  Of the properties that went under contract,

were any of them true competition for your property? Why might other properties have sold when yours is still available?


I’ll review which agents’ buyers have properties under contract, to understand whether any of those buyers may have visited your home, yet chosen a different property. I’ll also personally contact those agents who’ve visited the property, or whose clients came to one of my Open Houses, and ask them for feedback.


Lastly, we need to consider whether a price adjustment is necessary. Are there other modifications that could be made, such as with the home's condition?  We’ll discuss these possibilities and plan a new course of action, if necessary, together. Sometimes I’ll suggest a price adjustment up (which could happen if, as we approach the time to put the house on the market, the market picks up), or down. Or I might suggest some other kind of marketing change. Most importantly, I'm always concerned that my sellers are comfortable with the pricing and marketing path we’ve chosen.  Selling a home can be very stressful; my goal is to help you achieve your goal with the best results and the least stress possible.


I invite you to use the form on this page to describe your property, and I’ll send you a list of recent sales in your area. Please also feel free to email me or call me using the information on my "Contact" page. Although it’s just a first step, it may be enough information to help you as you decide how to proceed.