Thorough, honest and objective evaluation of a property

prior to pricing and marketing is critical for its success-

ful sale.  Sites like Zillow and Trulia have their formulas,

but I believe there's more art than algorithm involved

with skilled valuation of a property. I'll provide my

assessment, explain the data upon which it's based, and

offer ideas and strategies to make your property com-

petitive in the current market. While you may not have 

control over everything in your house, you do have

control over some things, such as condition and

appearance.  Buyers will compare your home to its competition – sometimes fairly, sometimes not.  In order to properly prepare your home for a competitive market, you need to see it through the eyes of potential buyers.  Once you put your house on the market, it is no longer a home, it's a product for sale.

Interior features & characteristics - condition and appearance are critical.

  • Exterior paint and condition, including doors and windows.

  • Floors and walls

  • Kitchen features and appliances

  • Lighting, windows, and window treatments, if any

  • Bathroom features

  • Basement

We’ll also talk about your floor plan, age of the home and its appliances & features, room sizes, etc., but these are items that you cannot control (or not reasonably, at least.)  Instead, we’ll consider what can or should be tweaked - for instance, how you use a particular room.


Exterior ("Curb appeal”).  Importantly, most buyers will first see your house online, but their second impression, equally critical, is formed when they first approach the house. 

  • Exterior paint and condition, including doors and windows.

  • Hardscaping (walkway, driveway, fence, etc.)

  • Landscaping

  • Tidiness

Minor repairs can make a major difference! Every item requiring repair indicates a cost to potential buyers and becomes an obstacle in their minds.  They may also use those obstacles to question whether there are other hidden defects, and they may discount their offer as a result.  Together, we'll discuss potential repairs and changes, and develop a plan of action.  

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